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August 2007 Issue VII:3

"To the difficult question 'what is new?', I will answer: the new means how the emotions of today's society and people are expressed to fit the times. The haiku must be innovative in any time. So we should begin and continue to express the emotions of the people of this time and generation."

-Sanki Saito, Gendai Haiku, S.21.10
(translation Akiko Takazawa)


Welcome to the Roadrunner Haiku Journal. Roadrunner is a international quarterly online journal that publishes quality English-language haiku and senryu, as well as gendai haiku translations. We chose the name of the journal because we want it to be at the forefront of haiku thought and practice. For more details, go to the 'about Roadrunner' web page.


Jason Sanford Brown, Scott Metz and Richard Gilbert, Editors

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The Scorpion Prize for Issue VII:2

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