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November 2008 Issue VIII:4



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    bruising the moon
shreds of Hiroshima
     bleeding into silence
     turtles on a log
making no speeches
       world peace
         in tears
a slug leaving lettuce
       at dawn
William M. Ramsey




whales gather
at dusk
to sing
made of
Dick Whyte




shrine gate
end of



in green times confident of doing good work
lovers i whisper to the dictaphone
expecting the baby to have a womb
John Stevenson




staggered by a gut bug
I step into the medicine's
heavy punch


we sail the night
roof creaking above us
spread to the wind
William Hart




“not animal-shaped,
the mounds of Suburbia appear
to be fortifications”
Michael Nickels-Wisdom




her broken soul
by logic


   accidental orchard: I am found

Mike Dillon




massive clouds
dwarfing my
  dear cloud
what were you before
yesterday's bones
blue wolves are howling grapefruit orange . . .
baby beans racing moonlight . . .
the midnight shadows looking cold buddha stories . . .
poe, you will be pleased to hear, is now in perfect health . . .
Tyler Pruett




  Shall I harvest the garden in your veins
How wide is the trying :: between the rose and the sea
The book should be the last :: poem, lifted from the grass
The eggshell is asleep in my hands :: long before spring
May your voice be the ropes I am lowered on  
Grant Hackett





snow on mars tonight earth's flaming arrow

Helen Buckingham




i stuff the thunderstorm
inside a cicada shell
that's been around the world
  under its green wing
every single creation


on the dunes
   mercenary's smile
& now wolves
entering Pegasus
  like a mosquito
or an old empire
city night




touch-me-nots begin the takeover role of orange
carbon-eating poem evaporates
some of his limbs and mind returned
haiku of my photograph photograph of my haiku
the heat somebody else can do whatever it is
marlene mountain





winter wind through
fistholes in the walls
small naked sounds

Joanne Merriam




two-dimensional wise men across the pulp mill roof


dark seed pods
the Judas tree

ground ivy flowering the small blue earth
Peggy Willis Lyles




fox mask :: what have
you become
cracked vessel :: an octopus crawls out of
low tide
in these old clothes :: i am the falling leaves
and their shadows
earth :: scale



granite hills
under bracken
a deer's red heart
  falling star
a starshaped space
in his black hair the bones of old prayers
  at the burial -
a wasp reminds me
of last night's dream
Clare McCotter



the weight of the moon the relief of the moon



arms spread wide–
this sun
could eat me

Dana Duclo


i did it for love asteroid hurtles

the words
rise in the solar wind
line breaks


the pines--their scent, their sound . . .
their fallen measures
of time


on my back
in the freshly-cut grass . . .
a blue horse

George Swede



a far off wind
but where are you
we come
here: beneath the waves
the rest of the ocean
coming out of
a hard house
the flowering dawn

Peter Yovu



on streets with no names, numbered crash-sites
the ocean's
         algorithms . . .
a few loose strands of hair
in a windowless world       seeking osmosis

(with a phrase by Jim McKay)

Philip Rowland



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